OKRs, ‘Early Stage Startups’ edition

Andrew Chen (Andressen Horowitz, ex-Uber) has recently published a pretty valid point on most advice on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and on whether they’re even appropriate for pre-Product–Market Fit startups. OKRs are most certainly harmful for [pre-Product–Market Fit] startups because it causes teams to optimize towards goals instead of constantly asking if the goal […]

6 Principles for Truly Effective OKRs (Part 2)

Well-crafted OKRs require a team and organisation context that fosters collaboration and learning In Part 1, we have seen 3 principles for effective OKRs, focused on the OKRs themselves: At least one of your Objectives should be cross-functional and stable. Its Key Results should express the outcomes that show your progress towards your Objectives (not […]

6 Principles for Truly Effective OKRs (Part 1)

How we use cross-functional collaboration and focus on outcomes to maximise the impact of product teams at Onfido At Onfido, we work in cross-functional, mission-driven and long-lived teams. For almost 1½ years, I was the Product Manager for the Hire team (and product line), whose mission was “Scalable, repeatable and trustworthy verification for high-volume recruitment”. […]

Natural Intelligence

Learning about Machine Learning Through a Toddler’s Eyes Nothing amazes me more than the wonder of our existence. And nothing ever cried louder about that wonder than having become a parent. First it’s the whole marvel of generating a new living being. But later, another wow appears: the way that this brand new living being learns. […]

My 2018 Product Retrospective

Winding down for the New Year in a remote village in Alentejo (Portugal), I thought I might give it a try at being radically open about how 2018 went for me as a human being doing Product, and what I’m expecting for 2019. Regarding 2018 I’m not only showcasing achievements, but also being open about […]

Constraints Are Cool

Can a Product Manager solve all the problems within the reach of the product they manage, or implement all the features so badly want? Certainly not. Complications will always arise. Competing priorities, development team size, dependencies on third-parties, tech debt, compliance issues, all of these limit what a product team can deliver in a certain […]

A Product is a Product: Product Management Is Not Just Software!

When defining the job of a product manager, at least one of two definitions always pops up. The first one (chronologically speaking) is from Marty Cagan’s indispensable book Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love; Marty describes it as “to discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible”. The other one is Martin Eriksson’s Venn diagram, supporting his definition of “product management […]

Marty Meets Martin: Connecting the Two Triads of Product Management

When defining the job of a product manager, at least one of two definitions always pops up. The first one (chronologically speaking) is from the original edition of Marty Cagan’s indispensable book Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love; Marty describes it as ”to discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible”. The other one is Martin Eriksson’s Venn diagram, supporting his definition of “product management as […]