(Talk) Internal-Facing Products Don’t Have to Be Bad

Customer-facing products often have internal-facing tools — either to directly provide parts of the service the product offers, or support adjacent functions (growth, customer / technical support). There’s the tendency to not think of them as products, and give them just enough attention to produce a low-quality tool that “kind of does the trick” — even when they support a critical part of the service the product provides. The idea of this talk is using real examples of internal-facing products, why it makes sense to give them the same treatment as customer-facing ones, and how to ensure they’re valued throughout the company.


“Internal-Facing Products Don’t Have to Be Bad” slides on Speakerdeck

Presented At

  • Braga.Product, 3 Jul 2019, Braga, Portugal
  • ProductTank, 5 Sep 2019, Lisboa, Portugal