(Talk) Scrum in agencies: where is the Product Owner?

Implementing Scrum in a self-contained organisation (such as a product company) derives directly from the framework. Yet some aspects are open to interpretation for Scrum teams in an agency providing software development services to clients. How do you apply “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation” when the underlying “organisation” exists precisely because of a contract? In this talk, I’ll share the view I’ve been developing since having worked at both an agency and a product company: depending on the context, different Scrum team setups work better than others—and in some contexts the best option is ditching Scrum.


“Scrum in agencies: where is the Product Owner?” at Agile Connect


“Scrum in agencies: where is the Product Owner?” slides on Speakerdeck

Presented At

  • Agile Connect, March 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

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